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By: David Michael Gallagher, MD

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Remission is defined as at least 3 weeks of the absence of both sad mood and reduced interest and no more than three remaining For pharmacotherapy cholesterol recipes generic lipitor 40 mg, determination of the adequacy of symptoms of the major depressive episode () cholesterol test hdl order 40mg lipitor with visa. However does cholesterol medication help lose weight buy lipitor with mastercard, treatment requires ensuring that antidepressant medica it is not uncommon for patients to have substantial but in tions have been used for an adequate dose and duration. Generally, adequate treatment with an provided compelling evidence that even mild residual antidepressant medication for at least 4–6 weeks is neces symptoms at the end of a depressive episode are associated sary before concluding that a patient is not responsive or with significant psychosocial disability, compared with as only partially responsive to a particular medication (218, ymptomatic remission (); a more than three times faster 221). For patients with no improvement in symptoms relapse to a subsequent major depressive episode (410); and during the initial weeks of treatment, treatment should be in first-episode patients, a more chronic future course (410– reevaluated and possibly changed. The presence of mild residual symptoms has been little evidence to support extending antidepressant medi shown to be an even stronger predictor of a subsequent re cation trials beyond 6 weeks in patients who have shown turn to a major depressive episode than a prior history of no response. Patients with chronic forms of depression or multiple episodes of major depressive disorder (410). For with co-occurring Axis I disorders or general medical this reason, it is important not to conclude the acute phase conditions may require a longer duration of acute phase of treatment prematurely for partially responsive patients. Use of structured measures of depression there has not been meaningful improvement after a few symptom severity, side effects, treatment adherence, and months, depending on what can reasonably be expected for functional status can facilitate identification of patients who the given type of psychotherapy. If a patient is found to have an incomplete treatment Regardless of treatment modality, lack of improvement response, the treatment itself should be evaluated. Medi over time warrants reconsideration of interventions, given cations must be thoughtfully selected and given at an ad the large number of available treatment options. Strategies to address incomplete response fully executed, and conducted over an appropriate period the psychiatrist should consider a change in treatment of time with an adequate frequency of visits. In addition to for patients who have not fully responded to an adequate being caused by inadequate treatment, poor response may acute phase treatment over a sufficient time, generally result from multiple other factors (413) that are enumer 4–8 weeks. Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Patients With Major Depressive Disorder, Third Edition 53 Response None or Partial Full Initial weeks Assess adherence. If clinical severity If treatment is well-tolerated, maintain warrants and treatment is well tolerated, current treatment approach. At 4–8 weeks In patients treated with an antidepressant, Go to continuation phase. For insufficient response to psychotherapy, consider changing the intensity or type of psychotherapy and/or adding or changing to medication. Throughout treatment In patients who have significant side effects with antidepressant treatment, consider changing to a different antidepressant, reducing the dose, or treating the side effect. If trials of two medications from the same antidepressant class have been ineffective, consider changing antidepressants to a different class. For patients with difficulty tolerating psychotherapy, consider changing the intensity or type of therapy and/or adding or changing to medication. If there is not at least a psychiatrist should add a disease management component moderate improvement in major depressive disorder to the overall treatment plan. This component involves symptoms after an additional 4–8 weeks of treatment, the setting realistic expectations, improving functioning, and psychiatrist should conduct another thorough review. Maximizing initial treatments ing clinical factors that may be preventing improvement, For patients who have not fully responded to treatment such as the presence of co-occurring general medical con for depression, an initial strategy is to optimize the inten ditions or psychiatric conditions. Decisions about pharmacotherapy will the patient; and uncovering and addressing psychosocial, involve a balancing of efficacy, side effects, and medica psychological, and personality factors that may be imped tion adherence. If no new information is uncovered effects at critical decision points are essential in order to to explain the patient’s lack of adequate response, other avoid premature discontinuation of the chosen antide Copyright 2010, American Psychiatric Association. Patients who have had their dose in to avoid hazardous interactions (see Table 8). Transcranial creased should be monitored for increased severity of side magnetic stimulation could also be an option, as it appears effects; dose increases should be considered only for pa to be safe and well tolerated (270, 280). In addition, it has tients who do not have significant or intolerable side ef shown small to moderate benefits in most (268, 270–272) fects while taking the medication. Frequent follow-up but not all (269, 273) clinical trials and recent meta-anal contact (either in person or via the phone) may be neces yses. Recent randomized trials suggest that quetiapine sary to address symptoms, side effects, and patient adher monotherapy also produces a greater reduction in depres ence in order to personalize treatment to the specific sive symptoms than placebo (423, 424), with comparable clinical needs of the patient. When available and clinically efficacy to duloxetine (424), although the potential side ef meaningful, therapeutic ranges for blood levels of antide fects of second-generation antipsychotic treatment need pressant medications are useful in optimizing medication to be taken into consideration. Augmenting and combining treatments In patients who are receiving psychotherapy, similar Pharmacotherapy can be combined with a depression principles apply in terms of monitoring and adjusting focused psychotherapy, both as an initial treatment plan, treatment in the context of nonresponse or difficulty tol and as a strategy to address nonresponse to treatment in erating psychotherapy (331).

In particular cholesterol test brisbane buy lipitor us, the Supervisory Board has the duty to cholesterol medication muscle pain buy 20 mg lipitor with mastercard examine the reports provided at least quarterly by the Executive Board about the progress of business – in particular sales and the position of the company cholesterol medication zoloft buy cheapest lipitor and lipitor. In addition, by means of consultation with the Executive Board, it creates the basis for the Supervisory Board to monitor the management of the company according to section 111 (1) AktG. The adoption of the annual financial statements is not the responsibility of the Supervisory Board, but of the Annual General Meeting. Further meetings may be convened if demanded by a member of either the Supervisory Board or the Executive Board. At the instruction of the chairman, in exceptional cases a resolution may be passed by other means, details of which are given in the rules of procedure. The rules of procedure prescribe that the Supervisory Board may form committees as and when necessary. Because of the limited authority of the Supervisory Board, it does not appear appropriate to subdivide it further. Therefore, the Board of Partners and the composition and procedures of its committees are described in the following. Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp (Chairman), Johannes Baillou (Vice Chairman), Jon Baumhauer, Frank Binder, Dr. The Board of Partners supervises the Executive Board in its management of the company. The Board of Partners convenes as and when necessary, however it meets at least four times a year. The Board of Partners may confer the responsibility for individual duties to committees. Currently the Board of Partners has three committees in place: the Personnel Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Research and Development Committee. The Personnel Committee has four members: Memberships in (a) other statutory supervisory boards and (b) comparable German and foreign supervisory bodies of Member corporations Jon Baumhauer no board positions Munich Chairman of the Executive Board and General Partner of E. The Personnel Committee passes its resolutions by a simple majority – in matters concerning the Chairman of the Executive Board unanimity is required. The Personnel Committee regularly informs the Board of Partners of its activities. The Chairman of the Executive Board and the Chief Financial Officer regularly attend these meetings. The Finance Committee is responsible, among other things, for analyzing and discussing the annual financial statements and the respective auditor’s report as well as the quarterly and half-year financial reports. In addition, it deals with the financial position, results of operations and liquidity of Merck as well as accounting issues. It examines and gives recommendations on investments requiring the approval of the Board of Partners. These meetings regularly include the Chairman of the Executive Board for the members of the Executive Board responsible for Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals. The Research and Development Committee is responsible, among other things, for analyzing and discussing the research activities of Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals. The Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals business sectors present the status of their respective research to the Research and Develop ment Committee in special meetings. The Research and Development Committee reports to the Board of Partners twice a year on the insights gained from the meetings held. In particular, the Supervisory Board was informed about the market and sales situation of the company against the background of macroeconomic developments, the financial position of the company and its subsidiaries, as well as their earnings development and corporate planning. The major business policy transactions were also discussed in four joint meetings with the Executive Board, specifically the company’s reaction to the economic crisis. For the consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards, the auditors issued the auditor’s report, reproduced in the Annual Report of the Merck Group. The Supervisory Board gives its consent to the proposal for the appropriation of net retained profit.

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Karplus curve a curve describing the relation of the nuclear mag kation a variant spelling of cation cholesterol yeast rice order lipitor 10mg with amex. It is: their somatic (surface) antigens and cholesterol test preparation alcohol cheap lipitor 10mg fast delivery, where appropriate cholesterol emboli syndrome definition purchase generic lipitor pills, their cap 2 sular and flagellar antigens. J = A + BcosH + Ccos H, Kautsky effect the characteristic changes with time in the fluores where A, B, and C are coefficients that depend on the electronega cence emission of chlorophyll a that occur when dark-adapted cells tivity of the substituents. Kazal inhibitor an electrophoretically heterogeneous proteinaceous karyon or caryon the nucleus of a cell. Compare pan karyophilic proteins soluble proteins that accumulate in the nu creatic trypsin inhibitor. They include nucleoplasmin and the acidic nuclear proteins N1 K capture see electron capture. The K cells engage the antibody via their Fc re typical somatic eukaryotic cell of a given species, individual, or cell ceptors. It is expressed in terms of chromosomal sizes, shapes, and K chromophore any chromophore that gives rise to high-intensity number. It is frequently due to a large deletion sheet conformation by reduction and heating (as in hairdressing). Kell system a blood-group system whose antigenic determinant is keratohyalin a material seen in microscopic sections in granular part of an erythrocyte membrane glycoprotein of 93 kDa that has cells of the skin. The symbol K is used both for thermo children with hereditary unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia. Kelvin (1824–1907), British mathematician, physicist, and inven Kerr effect an alternative name for electric birefringence. The name is derived from (1886–1972), using letters of the alphabet, before elucidation of the fact that it was discovered at the Tate and Lyle research labora their structures. Kendall’s compound F (Reichstein’s substance M), cortisol; ketamine (±)-2-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)cyclohexanone; a Kendall’s compound G (Reichstein’s substance D), 5a-pregnane dissociative anesthetic with cataleptic and analgesic effects, possi 3b,17a,21-triol-11,20-dione; Kendall’s compound H (Reichstein’s bly through acting as an N-methyl-D-aspartate (excitatory amino substance N), 5a-pregnane-3b,21-diol-11,20-dione; Kendall’s des acid) receptor antagonist. It impairs ergosterol synthesis in fungal cell mem receptors with high specificity; within adrenoceptors and histamine branes, thereby increasing their permeability. The term is often used to distinguish such com oglutarate; 2-oxo-1,5-pentanedioate; a compound that has impor pounds from isomeric compounds of another class. The recommended term is a-ketoglutaric dehydrogenase see oxoglutarate dehydrogenase oxo. In mammals, some fructose can lowers blood pH and promotes excretion of K+ and Na+ by the kid be phosphorylated to fructose 6-phosphate by hexokinase. Two human isoforms are monal imbalance, especially insulin deficiency, when fatty acids are derived by alternative splicing from one gene. Inactivating muta mobilized from adipose tissue, transported to the liver, and con tions lead to hepatic fructokinase deficiency (also called essential verted to ketone bodies. L–1 is considered safe and may be beneficial, but in disease states ketohexose any ketose having a chain of six atoms in the molecule. The position of the (potential) carbonyl group is It is a component of the pathways for isoleucine and valine biosyn indicated by a prefixed locant. The protein from Spinacia oleracea (spinach), for example, is may be omitted from the name of a 2-ketose when no ambiguity a tetramer of similar but nonidentical chains. The term is frequently modified by an infix indicating the ketol condensation the enzyme-catalysed formation of certain ke number of carbon atoms in a chain in the molecule; thus ketopen tols (def. The main products are biosynthetic precursors ketotetrose either of two ketoses having a chain of four carbon 2 atoms in the molecule, these being the enantiomeric pair D and L of valine and leucine, and of isoleucine, respectively. Its N-terminal ketone 1 any compound containing a carbonyl group, >C=O, joined region lies in the Z disk and binds a-actinin. It gives rise to the designation Kex2 site, enzymically from acetyl-CoA; (2) D-3-hydroxybutyrate (b-hydroxy a cleavage site (Arg-|-Arg or Lys-|-Arg) for kexin in the processing butyrate), formed by liver mitochondrial 3-hydroxybutyrate dehy of the mating polypeptide and several extracellular fungal proteins. An enzyme that catalyses the cleavage of Lys-Arg-| other defects of carbohydrate metabolism. They are formed in the Xaa and Arg-Arg-|-Xaa bonds to process yeast a-factor pheromone post-absorptive state and during more prolonged fasting, and can and killer toxin precursors. See also and thus indirectly muscle protein, since the carbon source for glu furin, kex2, proopiomelanocortin. It is frequently used as methylglutaryl-CoA lyase; it occurs largely in the liver, but to a small a carrier protein to which peptides or other haptens are coupled in extent also in kidney.

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If we are unable to cholesterol levels diabetes cost of lipitor identify and acquire suitable product candidates for clinical development cholesterol free foods recipes purchase line lipitor, this would adversely impact our business strategy and our financial position and share price is the cholesterol in eggs in the yolk or white purchase cheap lipitor on-line. We currently have no products that are approved for commercial sale and may never be able to develop marketable drug products. Accordingly, our business currently depends heavily on the successful development, regulatory approval and commercialization of this product candidate. We cannot be certain that any of our product candidates will receive regulatory approval or be successfully commercialized even if we receive regulatory approval. In February 2017, we and our subsidiaries entered into a loan and security agreement with Hercules Capital, Inc. We refer to this loan and security agreement, as amended on May 24, 2017 and September 22, 2017, as the Loan Agreement. The Loan Agreement is secured by substantially all of our property and that of our subsidiaries that are parties to the Loan Agreement, other than intellectual property. The Loan Agreement subjects us and our subsidiaries to various affirmative and restrictive covenants, including a minimum cash covenant that ceases to apply if we achieve certain clinical development milestones as set forth in the Loan Agreement, a covenant against the occurrence of a “change in control,” financial reporting obligations, and certain limitations on the incurrence of indebtedness, liens (including a negative pledge on intellectual property and other assets), investments, distributions (including dividends), collateral, transfers, mergers or acquisitions, taxes, corporate changes, and deposit accounts. Compliance with these covenants may limit our flexibility in operating our business and our ability to take actions that might be advantageous to us and our shareholders. Additionally, we may be required to repay the entire amount of outstanding indebtedness under the Term Loan in cash if we fail to stay in compliance with our covenants or suffer some other event of default under the Loan Agreement. Under the Loan Agreement, an event of default will occur if, among other things: we fail to make payments under the Loan Agreement; we breach any of our covenants under the Loan Agreement, subject to specified cure periods with respect to certain breaches; there occurs an event that has a material adverse effect on (i) our business, operations, properties, assets or financial condition, (ii) our ability to perform or satisfy our obligations under the Loan Agreement as they become due or Hercules’s ability to enforce its rights or remedies with respect to our obligations under the Loan Agreement, or (iii) the collateral or liens securing our obligations under the Loan Agreement; we or our assets become subject to certain legal proceedings, such as bankruptcy proceedings; we are unable to pay our debts as they become due; or we default on contracts with third parties which would permit Hercules to accelerate the maturity of such indebtedness or that could have a material adverse effect on us. We may not have enough available cash or be able to raise additional funds through equity or debt financings to repay such indebtedness at the time any such event of default occurs. In that case, we may be required to delay, limit, reduce or terminate our clinical development efforts or grant to others rights to develop and market product candidates that we would otherwise prefer to develop and market ourselves. Hercules could also exercise its rights as collateral agent to take possession and dispose of the collateral securing the Term Loan for its benefit, which collateral includes all of our property other than our intellectual property. Our business, financial condition and results of operations could be substantially harmed as a result of any of these events. We will require additional capital to fund our operations, and if we fail to obtain necessary financing, we may not be able to complete the development and commercialization of our product candidates. We expect to spend substantial amounts to complete the development of, seek regulatory approvals for and commercialize our product candidates. These expenditures will include costs payable to Oxford BioMedica under the Oxford BioMedica Agreement as well as Arena under the Arena Development Agreement. Under the terms of these agreements, we are obligated to make significant cash payments upon the achievement of specified development, regulatory and sales performance milestones, as well as payments in connection with the sale of resulting products and the manufacture and supply of our product candidates for commercial purposes. If we are unable to raise capital when needed or on acceptable terms, we could be forced to delay, reduce or eliminate our development program or any future commercialization efforts. In addition, attempting to secure additional financing may divert the time and attention of our management from day-to-day activities and harm our product candidate development efforts. We believe our existing cash resources will be sufficient to meet our financial needs for at least the next 12 months. This estimate is based on assumptions that may prove to be wrong, and we could use our available capital resources sooner than we currently expect. Because the length of time and activities associated with successful development of our product candidates is highly uncertain, we are unable to estimate the actual funds we will require for development and any approved marketing and commercialization activities. We cannot be certain that additional funding will be available on acceptable terms, or at all. If we are unable to raise additional capital in sufficient amounts or on terms acceptable to us, we may have to significantly delay, scale back or discontinue the development or commercialization of our product candidates or potentially discontinue operations. We may be required to make significant payments to third parties under the agreements pursuant to which we acquired our product candidates. Under these agreements, we are subject to significant obligations, including payment obligations upon achievement of specified milestones and payments based on product sales, as well as other material obligations. For example, under our agreement with Oxford Biomedica, we could be obligated to make payments totaling up to $55. In addition, we will also be obligated to pay Oxford BioMedica a tiered royalty percentage ranging from 7% to 10% based on yearly aggregate net sales of the Gene Therapy Products licensed under the agreement. If these payments become due under the terms of the agreements, we may not have sufficient funds available to meet our obligations and in which case our development efforts would be substantially harmed. Further, failure to make these payments or to meet our other material obligations may result in our counterparties pursuing remedies under those agreements that could adversely affect our operations.



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