Assessing The Underworld

Assessing the Underworld (ATU) advances the Mapping the Underworld (MTU) initiative into a new sphere of influence and is part of a 25-year vision to make street works more sustainable. It builds upon two existing MTU research themes aiming to develop the means to locate, map in 3-D and record, using a single shared multi-sensor platform, the position of all buried utility assets without excavation and to integrate this information with the utility service company records in a single, integrated, searchable database.

This new phase of MTU uses the geophysical tools combined in the MTU multi-sensor platform to assess the condition of the buried pipelines and cables, and of the ground in which they are buried, and of the surface transport infrastructures beneath which they are buried (initially considering roads and pedestrian areas).

Assessing the Underworld Final Project Event – 19th April 2018

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Mapping The Underworld

Further information about the Mapping The Underworld project can be found here:
MTU Brochure

Please follow this hyperlink to an article co-written by ATU’s Dr Nicole Metje:
Mapping Underground Assets

Mapping Britain’s Underworld on Radio 4

Mapping Britain’s Underworld’ was presented by Adam Hart-Davies and produced by Sara Parker. It was a Unique production for BBC Radio 4 originally broadcast in May 2012



PHD Opportunity

Assessing the Underworld requires two PHD students to work on this unique exciting ground breaking project. This is a rare opportunity and one that should be grasped with both hands. Please take time to read the information on the website and if you are interested contact Professor Chris Rogers

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